Main  Office Brazil - Edificio Ocean Drive - Rua Ildefonso Albano 165 Sala 1901 - Meireles, Fortaleza 60115-000 - Ceara, Brazil

Vanilla Beans - Papua New Guinea 

15 Years of Quality and Services

Madagascar, Comoros

Zanzibar, Indonesia, Brazil

Pink Peppercorns Brazil​​

White Peppercorns Brazil, 

Indonesia, Vietnam

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​BRAZSPICE Brazil, a company of the Brazil Trade Business Group​

The specialist of Spices for the food industry, wholesalers, food packaging and distribution
companies and as a raw material supplier for the Spice industry.


Global Spice Brokers

Black ​​Peppercorns Vietnam, Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia

Cassia/ Cinnamon

Spices - Indonesia

Madagascar, Sri Lanka​​​